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Utility Services

Transmission Vegetation Management - Full compliance with NERC's revised VM standard, FAC-003-4, was required as of October 1, 2016 for Transmission Owners and Generator Owners. Ensure your company understands all the requirements set forth in the revised standard and what is needed to comply. The revised standard requires that Transmission Owners significantly modify their current Transmission Vegetation Management Programs and that Generator Owners develop new programs to comply with the new standard. Novembri Consulting can assist your company in preparing for these changes.

UVM Program Evaluations - Ensuring a high level of electric service reliability, maintaining regulatory agency and legal requirements, preserving customer satisfaction, and striving to keep program costs in check are all key attributes of a best-in-class UVM program.

Novembri Consulting brings proven expertise in evaluating all aspects your utility's UVM program including its overall structure, design, and operational capabilities. By bringing to bear Novembri Consulting's many years of experience and industry developed UVM Best Management Practices, a comprehensive evaluation of your utility's UVM program will result in improved effectiveness and efficiencies.

UVM Contract Evaluations - Contracting methods throughout the UVM industry vary based on a utility's needs and requirements. Although one size does not fit all, variations within a particular contracting strategy may have a positive impact on overall program efficacy.

In some cases a significant change in a UVM contracting method may be warranted. These changes cannot be taken lightly and must be fully vetted before implementation. Any significant changes to a contracting method must be explored with the utility's program goals and requirements in mind.

Novembri Consulting has decades of experience in developing, modifying, and implementing new contracting strategies that have benefited many utilities in North America.